Sunday, 16 July 2017

Blog funk

Helloooo waving small paw at you all .... so sorry I haven't been around with the cuppas and cookies but I have been in a wee bit of a blog funk ... no time to get a post up or too tired to think about writing one if I am being honest ....
But today is a new day and I am here ,.. the kettle is on and I have some yummies waiting for you all :)
Hmmmm just had a quick catch up on my last post to see where I got up to in the news from the mouse house ...
Well I had my holiday .. a few hours into my first day I got a call from my manager could I come back to work as they were sooo short staffed and to tag my week off onto the back of the week afters I did ... and missed all the nice sunshine as the week after it rained every day on the upside I did get my bathroom redecorated and just need to pop up one picture still and then it is totally done ... DH and I bought some paint called platinum a sort of pale grey to go with the tiles and ermmmmm when we opened it and stirred it was grey but actually when on the walls it turned a powder blue colour sooo I changed the theme to nautical it looks quite nice actually now I have got used to it :)
I have been busy stitching and crocheting , finished my Christmas in July ornie for Roz which she has now got and I am angel stitching for DJ as her partner was too ill to carry on and I am almost finished with that soo hopefully it will be in the post next weekend, all paws crossed ...and I received mine from Debbie who  added some lovely goodies to it as well and it is gorgeously finished :)
While off I went to visit DD , she is at Ripley atm with work and we had a lovely day walking round the Castle and the gardens and the surrounding area ... I did take lots of photos :) ooooo talking of photos my deputy manager has asked if I will do her wedding photos .... eeeekkkk ...I did say it was only me and the camera no fancy extras and she still wants me :) soo better get some practice in :)
I have worked more on the Linen and Thread Sal .. no where near caught up but hey it isn't a race ...I have got more Christmas ornies to do for work as they have put their orders in soo I had better get some more of those smoking needles hehehehe... I have also been crocheting too ... done some more on the blanket I started when my dad was first poorly .. one day I will get it finished ..while I was over at Blackpool visiting Jennifer for the weekend  and also started a new one for a baby  girl due end of the year .... well actually started two as couldn't decide which I liked best ... one is in arron and one is double knit in similar colours sooo we shall see .. can only do the basics but its the thought that counts :)
oooo and the diet is still going well, almost 4 stone lost and counting .... I feel soo much better and can almost run hahahahah not really a chance of that ever happening but a wee mouse can dream eh ???
Something else exciting happened, I won the overseas bit of a giveaway from Mary and RJ and I have had a look this morning and couldn't decide between two charts from Subrosa  I emailed them this morning and said you choose and I will get the other one ...I used be indecisive but now I am not sure heheheheh
Ok I shall go and get that kettle back on again and find some photos for you to drool over 
Linen and Thread Sal getting there :)

Start of DJ's ornie ... can you guess which one 

Baby Coal Tit I think 

Purdy happy to see me 

can you guess where I am

Love the rain on the leaves

Bob ...

Sitting in Jennifer's new garden with my crochet and new shoes :)

isn't he adorable 

baby Magpie at Jennifer's 

St Anne's Beach

On the pier at St Ann's 

How far away is the sea .. this was taken from the pier end !

Our newest Grand furbaby Cooper 

For Roz .. sorry bad photo 

My exchange from Debbie over on Friendly Stitchers ...
chocolate still in one piece ..dedication or what hahaha

So you may have notice a new puppy on the block .. a wee black Labrador called Cooper who we have every weekend ( grandparent rights !!!) who has settled in very well but Master Bentley is well pleased on a Sunday night around 10.30pm when he goes home for the week ... we had forgotten how hard work a puppy is ....he is allowed to go out for walks now so we can tire him out that way phew 3 months old he is almost as tall as Bentley now. 
I think that is all for this post .. I will try and do better at coming to see you all but these working longer days has tired me out more than I thought but hopefully I will get more used to them as the time goes on ( all paws crossed) 
thank you for bobbing by ... happy stitching to you all :) love mouse xxxxx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A flurry of of finishes and other tales

Hi everyone :) I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the lovely weather we have had today ... well at least at the mouse house at any rate ... I have managed to get the washing dry and put away :)
sooo please grab your cuppa with out further ado and a cookie too and get as comfy as you can while I begin...
This weekend is normally known as Hermitting Weekend ... brainchild of Joyze when she remembers these days and I have adopted it over on Friendly Stitchers in a bid to get things worked on / finished etc etc etc ..... well this weekend I have been on a roll was getting me down that I had had soooo many projects done and not anything done with them sooo I pulled my socks up , popped on my finishing head on and Voila ... I have got oodles  and oodles done yesterday and today *VBG :) and I have really enjoyed choosing things and how to finish them ... sooo the photos will be later for you to enjoy :)
A couple of weeks ago our resident swans have had 6 wee cygnets and they all looked very healthy and I managed to get some nice photos of them ..... I haven't seen them since but I think they are keeping them up the top end of the canal where they are more out of sight ...and ... last week while out with Master Bentley I saw..... wait for it ..... a beautiful owl ... I have managed to get some shots of said owl but they are not fantastic but you can see him, as he was always flying catching food for his youngsters, I feel privileged to be able to see him and for him to fly pretty close to me .....
I haven't been around as much as I would like to have been but things have been rather hectic at work and I had to apply for my own job due to there being too many admin in the office since the Tupe's had happened so there has been a tense few weeks to see if I was successful or not, luckily I was and go back to full time again once my holiday is over mid June :) and I have a lovely young girl to work alongside me as well now as my partner in crime
Last weekend Chris and I went to a new show at Harrogate convention centre .... (international halls) and considering we didn't think there would be much for us, it was quite an nice show and we managed to get some lovely goodies from there as well as being able to nip into Harrogate itself and have a wander round The Works and at Dutton's for Button's as well.
We called at the Wetherby Whaler for some tea on the way back so it made for a lovely day out :)
I have been busy stitching and working a bit more on the Linen and Thread Sal , With My Needle and Thread wip, finished off the RR's which are now on the way with DJ's stocking made up too ...done some more on the Cottages of the Month by LHN and started my Christmas in July exchange for my partner Roz ( I can't show you that one
The birds are still singing away merrily and it is almost 8.00pm here at the mouse house , Master Bentley is snoozing away on his bed near my chair tuckered out after his walk and ball games on the field earlier.
Yesterday my friend Amanda came round for a good ole chinwag and catch up and while she was here, it started to rain and we got a rainbow which I managed to catch on camera too :) she also gave me stitching orders for an ornament and a paperweight drum in her colours ...
ok doke the kettle has gone on again and while waiting for it I will find the photos for you :)
full moon the other night

baby Wren

Linen and Thread Sal progress

Started May in May two years later

DJ's RR finally finished :)

the big stocking's mine the wee one DJ's both stitched by DJ :)

Stash from show

fabric from Pinflair at show

and some more from Pinflair at the show

found in a charity shop at Harrogate :)

More stash from Show

and some more

Books from the works in the sale section all for £5.00

gorgeous sunset Wednesday night

Hurry up

just loved this shot

Mr Bobbin singing at me


Little bullfinch gathering stuff for nest

what would the caption be for this

last nights rainbow

wish this could have been in focus ...

ornaments finally finished


Honeybee Sampling finished on a serving board from Wilkinsons :)

all framed

Seasons greetings made into a candle wrap

finally finished onto a ted baker box :)

first ladybird of the season

gorgeous duck on the canal

Stitched this over 10 years ago too !!!!

finally framed

made into a wee hanging ( stitched well over 10 years ago !)

finished into a wee tray... ( came with bath goodies in it !)
Ice burg


wee gift for Julie in Australia

I forgot to mention that Julie received her wee gift so I can show it to you now ... think that is all for now folks so I shall love you and leave you and hopefully catch up with you all soon :) take care one and all and squeak to you all soon ... happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxxxx